Colour is one of the building blocks of fashion. In this consultation, a special procedure for colour analysis will be used, consisting of draping various colours to determine which of 12 different colour groups you belong to. Your required contrast level for your particular clothes and hair colour will also be determined based on your colour analysis. 



The style session determines exactly what you look best in. From suits to shirts to coats to casual wear. We will provide you with a comprehensive guideline to what is going to make you look fantastic. It is designed for any age, weight, shape or size, including neck lines, sleave lines, jacket lengths, , pants, shoes, and especially what tie knot suites you best. Your style personality is also included. 



Planning your wardrobe is one of the first steps in ensuring that you look professional every day. We will show you that choosing your wardrobe and planning what to wear is an essential  part of your strategy for success. Before you can get to this stage it will be important to go through a process of throwing out the old or unused, mending those necessary items and organizing what you keep into different sections.


Never get frustrated again when shopping! We will show you the best selections and ranges for your tastes and body shape. No more struggling for sizes;

We will assist you with trying on all your garments. Obviously you are at liberty to request shops of your choice.

Using the principals outlined in our sessions you are guaranteed to see a real transformation! 



  • The importance of projecting a professional image

  • Company brand and employees as an extension of the brand

  • The importance of the visual impact and creating Gravitas

  • Confidence & Assertiveness

  • Your attitude determines your altitude

  • Star qualities and toxic traits

  • Reputation

  • Creating and elevating your self- image

  • Image breakers

  • Shaking Hands

  • Vocal Image

  • Non Verbal and Verbal Communication

  • Basic Professional Etiquette, Telephone etiquette

  • Personal grooming for the workplace

  • Understanding and interpreting various dress codes

  • The psychology of suit colour  & suit coordination

  • Individual Colour Coding and personal style assessment

  • Wardrobe planning, Dressing Style and Tips

  • Shoes, socks, belts and pants coordination

  • Interplay of different fabrics


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